Murphy's Law

about us

Our first beagle came to our family in the Summer of 1997 due to our childern. Before we decided for beagles we had studied many books about breed and about dogs for longer then 2 years. Before we bought our first beagle we as the whole family had visited several dog shows too.
... And then in the Summer of 1997 the first beagle Murphy Blıskavica came to our family from the Moravian kennel Blıskavica.
I have fall in love with beagles step by step. I gradually started deeply and deeply to be interested in all aspects of beagle's breed and life with them.
Actualy as you know one beagle no beagle so the young beagle's girl Ob-la-di´s Mrs. Flintstone from the Danish kennel Ob-la-di ´s came to our family in the Autumn of 2001.

Finaly I have decided to start breeding of beagles. I established my kennel Murphy´s Law in the 2004. And who can resist so beauty? Andulka only one girl from our first litter stayed with us.